About us

What is VinOnly?

Have you ever purchased an expensive bottle of wine only to be disappointed by its quality? Muddled by too many choices, have you ever been casually appeased by sales with a mediocre bottle on promotion? Have you ever wondered how you can find the time to learn about wine when it is already difficult juggling work and personal life? We have – all too many times!!!

This is where VinOnly comes into play.

True to our motto "learn as you drink", VinOnly is a wine club founded to help adventurous wine enthusiasts discover their palate preference through tasting "good-value–for-money" red wines from boutique wineries around the world, and to introduce these wineries into the Asia wine scene.

Our Story so Far

We still remember the frustrating days as amateur wine drinkers when we blindly selected our wines based solely on region, price and sometimes, the design of the label. We had better odds winning the lottery than picking the "right" wine!

Luckily, our streak of disappointment finally came to an end when our long-time friend, Nelson Chow, showed us the ropes to wine appreciation. Nelson is not only the president of Hong Kong Sommelier Association, but also a passionate ambassador of wine appreciation and a willing teacher. He taught us the ABCs to wine appreciation and exposed our palate to wines of all kinds around the world. And when requested upon, he never hesitated in recommending wines that would pair perfectly with the unique flavours of Asian dishes.

Nelson is exactly what every wine enthusiast needs – a personal sommelier.

With that, VinOnly was born.

Help Write our Story

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Our Visionaries

These two go way back – all the way to their undergraduate Computer Science 101 class at Carnegie Mellon University. From downing B52s and vodka shots to connoisseurs of wine, they have indeed come a long way!

Ivan Ng, an electrical and computer engineer by training but a true entrepreneur at heart. He spent the earlier part of his career with PCCW in Hong Kong, until one day he confirmed something he had always known deep down - he is a “builder” (ask him about his private lego collection!). The rest is history. Ivan went on to found and build couple startups you may have heard of including MoMa International and FindDoc.

Carol Lo, a banker by day and a social/adventure junkie by night (and holidays). Armed with a Finance & International Management degree, Carol worked as a banker with Morgan Stanley and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. in Hong Kong until the adrenaline-rush gradually faded away. She had since travelled to too many countries and become an "honorary" citizen of the world (just take a look at her passports!).