Wallace Lo


Best Sommelier Greater China Competition 2013 - Champion
Best Sommelier Hong Kong Competition 2013 - Champion

Wallace Lo is the rising star among young sommeliers in Asia. Even after winning both Best Sommelier of Greater China competition and Best Sommelier of Hong Kong competition in 2013, he still sees himself a rookie and looks to prove himself in the 2015 Asia Oceana Sommelier competition.

1. What do you love the most about your job?

The opportunity to food-and-wine pair for my guests; and of course, the side benefit of tasting wines from all over the world.

2. When you walk into a wine bar, how do you choose what you are going to drink?

Most of the time, champagne (preferbly Grower Champagne). If not, probably Italian wine, which I am trying to learn more about.

3. Any obscure grape varietals caught your attention lately?

Clones of Riesling, Arbane in champagne and some local grapes in Southern Italy.