About VinOnly

What is so special about VinOnly? How is it different from other wine clubs available in Asia?

Ask our members about what they like best about VinOnly and you will get lots of different answers. That said, we find the following to be the most common answers.

  • Boutique Wines from ALL OVER THE WORLD: Unlike other wine clubs in Asia, our wine selection is not restricted to a single wine region or country, but rather covers boutique red wines from all over the world. We do not discriminate – old world, new world, you name it!
  • Blind-tasted by Champion Sommeliers: We are very fortunate to have a panel of champion sommeliers (not just one!) help with our wine selection process. Each wine is selected after undergoing an extensive blind-tasting process to ensure each wine is selected for its quality, instead of its brand, region or vintage.
  • "Learn and you drink": True to our motto "Learn as you Drink", VinOnly is more than just bringing you great-value-for-money boutique red wines. We look to expose your palate to a variety of wines and expand your wine knowledge throughout the journey. You will be amazed by how much you do not know now, and how much you know in a couple months.

When I subscribe, do I need to select which wines I want to receive?

No! At VinOnly, we, together with our panel of champion sommeliers, do the picking and you do the drinking! We do all the work so that you don’t have to. Once you subscribe to VinOnly, your monthly shipments will automatically arrive on your doorsteps. You don’t need to do a thing!

I see that you have a panel of sommeliers responsible for selection of the wines, who are they exactly?

They belong to the exclusive 'Champions Club' of the Hong Kong Sommelier Association, all of whom have won internationally-recognized sommelier competitions. Did I mention that some have also helped create wine lists for Michelin-star restaurants like L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, SPOON by Alain Ducasse and Yan Toh Heen. Now you can stop worrying about wine-food pairing!

Take a closer look at our champion sommeliers at the "Wine Expert" page.

Why the focus on boutique wineries?

Boutique wineries are usually run by passionate dedicated winelovers who enjoy spending every day doing what they love – making great wines (less so making money). Their wine production is quite limited and each bottle offers good value for your money.

Where do the wines come from? Can I find them in retail wine shops?

The majority of our wines are sourced from boutique wineries from all over the world, many of which are small unknown, family-owned labels. Don’t worry, you will not find any privately labeled wines in our selection; meanwhile, you will also have a difficult time finding our selections in retail wine shops.

Subscription, Cancellation and Re-ordering

How does billing work?

When you place your order for the monthly membership, you will be billed for your first month’s subscription immediately. Thereafter, you will be billed monthly on the 1st day of every month for the duration of your membership.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can stay a member of VinOnly as long as you want or you may suspend your subscription at any time with no hidden fees. However you need to suspend before the 1st day of the month in order not to billed that month.

Simply go to My Account and click 'Suspend'. If you have any issue, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@vinonly.com.

I cancelled but want to rejoin. What are the next steps?

Go to 'My Account' and click 'Subscribe' to reactivate your membership. If you have any issue, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@vinonly.com.

If I like a particular wine in my shipment, can I order more?

Yes, but subject to availability! You can request to order additional bottles on the relevant wine page after logging into your account. We shall then check its availability and get back to you as soon as possible.


Can I get my packages shipped directly to my home or office?

Packages can only be shipped to a residential or work address, we cannot deliver to a PO Box. Someone of legal age over 18 years will need to accept the delivery and may be asked for ID if they look under 18 years of age.

Why does someone over the age of 18 have to sign for the delivery?

It is required by law that someone over the age of 18 sign to receive the wine, since wine is a controlled alcoholic beverage.

Where do you deliver?

Our delivery service covers the entire Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, most of the New Territories and Discovery Bay, but there are certain parts of Hong Kong (for example, some outlying islands) that are outside our delivery coverage. For more information, please refer to https://hk.ta-q-bin.com/chi/files/service_area_list.pdf

When can I expect my wine to arrive?

We will dispatch your wine package around the 15th day of each month or (if such day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday) on the following Business Day. The package shall arrive on the dispatched day or the day immediately following.

What if my wine is damaged or tastes a little off?

Sometimes wine bottles do get damaged in transit and occasionally, a particular wine can be 'corked' (which means the cork has failed) and has spoiled the wine. Not to worry, just let us know immediately at info@vinonly.com. It would really help us if you can give us as much information (photo helps!) about the condition of the wine as possible.

I'm going out of town around the 15th and won't be able to receive my shipment – what can I do?

Let us know ahead of time (before the 15th) at info@vinonly.com and we will reschedule the delivery date so you will be available to receive it.